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The Sand Mountain Dragway Family
Track Owners:

Jeff & Suzanne Rucks
Track Manager: Jeff Rucks
Assistant Track Manager: Wade Lackey
Gate: Donald "Critter" McSpadden
     Computer Operators:

Aaron Lyons & Liz Higgins
Charles Gilbert & Jeff Rucks
Staging Lanes: Tim Moore
Starting Line
     Burn-out box:

Wade Lackey
Robbie Hester & Dell "PaPa" Rucks
E.T. Shack: Randall Jones
Buy Back/Pay Outs: Suzanne Rucks, Kelly Lackey,
& Liz Higgins
Track EMTs: Ron Saferite & Jason McCord
Concessions: Amanda Adams & Danielle Adams
Safety Support:

Section Fire & Recue
Macedonia Fire & Rescue
Webmaster: Julie Hester